The township has an emergency identification system with a computerized address location system.  A call to 911 will reach the Berks County Communication System who in turn radio the police, fire department, ambulance service and rescue operations as needed.

A call to Amity Township Police Department (610-689-6002) can be made to request a property check during regular patrols of the township while you are away on vacation or must leave your property for a prolonged period of time.

Recreation Pavilion at Lake Drive
The Recreation are and the pavilion at Lake Drive in Amity Garden may be rented at a cost of $25.00. The area includes a children's playground, tennis courts, and baseball fields (Douglassville Youth Baseball Association (DYBA) reservations for the fields take priority)

Recycling Details
Recycle bins are available from the Township Building.  Recycle is collected on Fridays by Mascaro (800-334-3403).   A holiday collection schedule will be used for the following holidays if they fall on Friday: New Years day, Independence day, and Christmas.  The collection will be done on the Saturday following these holidays.  If your bin is broken beyond repair, bring it to the township office for free replacement.  Remember to place paper goods in the bin on windy days.

Hydrant Markers
All fire hydrants should have a marker for easy identification.  It is the resident's/property owner's responsibility to keep the hydrant free from snow and ice.

Street Lights
Report lights that are burned out or stay continuously on to the township office.  Have the property address available.

Yard Waste
For Amity Residents: Dumpsters are provided at the township building and at the waste water treatment plant for yard waste, leaves, twigs, branches, and other garden refuse.  No grass.

Recreation Areas (Map)
Monocacy Hill
Hill Road
Lake Drive
Locust Grove
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