A curfew for children under the age of 18 is in effect from 10:00 pm until 7:00 am Monday through Thursday, midnight on Friday and Saturday evenings, except before Halloween when 9:00 pm is the designated hour. Children accompanied by parents or an adult are exempt from curfew regulations.
See actual ordinance here.


Please notify the Police Department if you have an alarm system installed.

Snow Removal/Street Parking

All vehicles including trailers shall be removed from any public street when there is an accumulation of one inch of snow, ice, or sleet. This allows ease of plowing with less return trips. The Board of Supervisors approved a ban on parking cars on the street when there is more than an inch of snow (5 Feb 2001).  This will allow easier snow plowing.  Fines of up to $100 will be levied against violators.  
When cleaning driveways and sidewalks, put the snow on the grass, not in the street. 
Sidewalks shall be cleaned at least 30 inches wide within 48 hours after the precipitation stops.

Sheds and other structures

Less than 192 square feet (12' x 16')     -5 feet rear and side
Greater than 192 square feet (12' x 16') -10 feet rear and side, 20 feet high 

Boats and Camping Trailers

To be stored in set back only.
Can be left on street for up to 48 hours.

Amity Animal Ordinance

   The local code relating to Animal Nuisances includes domestic pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and birds.  Several areas of nuisance are addressed in the code.
Running at Large Prohibited
Animals must be under the control of the owner.  The animal may be confined within the owner's premises and maintained in a clean and sanitary condition or secured by means of a collar, chain, or other device.  In short, your animal must not be allowed to leave your property unless it is under your immediate control.
Duty to Secure Animal
The owner has a duty to secure the animal and keep it securely tied or penned in an enclosure in such a manner that the animal cannot break loose and run at large over streets, alleys, sidewalks, public grounds, or the property of another.
Duty to Control Animal
The owner has a duty to control the animal while traveling on the streets, alleys, sidewalks, or public grounds.  The animal must be controlled by the means of a leash or some other device to ensure that the owner has immediate control.
It is unlawful for any person to own, possess, harbor, or control any animal which makes any noise continuously and/or incessantly or intermittently for one-half (1/2) hour or more to the disturbance of any person any time of the day or night.  This is regardless of the fact that the animal is physically situated in or on private property.
Offensive Odors
It is unlawful for any person to permit any animal to soil, defile, defecate, or create noxious odors from defecation upon any public street or property, unless the feces is immediately removed and disposed of on the owner's property.  Also, shelters for animals must be kept sanitary and free of offensive, obnoxious or foul odors.
It is the responsibility of the persons being offended to record the date and times of the offense, along with the location of the offending animal and type of offending animal.  Police will issue a notice of violation for the first offense and such notice shall be valid for (6) months.  A second offense during the (6) month period shall result in a fine of not more than ($600) plus costs.  Default of payment will result in imprisonment not to exceed (30) days.  

Basketball and Hockey Nets

The Amity Township Ordinance reads: 
No person shall fix, put up, or erect upon the pavement, sidewalk, curb or gutter in front of, or along any dwelling house, store or other building or premises, any signboard, bulletin board or any other obstruction of any type whatsoever, which will interfere with the complete and full use, at all times, by the public, of said pavement, sidewalk, curb and gutter. 

The police will request your voluntary compliance in removing the basketball net or hockey net. If you refuse or the police receive additional complaints, you may be cited under the local ordinance. Upon conviction, you could be sentenced to pay a fine not exceeding $300. You could also be charged criminally under Section 6504, Public Nuisances, of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code which reads:
Whoever erects, sets up, establishes, maintains, keeps or continues, or causes to be erected, set up, established, maintained, kept or continued, any public or common nuisance is guilty of a misdemeanor of the second degree.

A motorized scooter is both a "vehicle" and a "motor vehicle" as defined by the current laws.  Therefore, it is unlawful for any motorized scooter to be driven on the highway or roadways of the township, unless it is registered and inspected.  Additionally, the driver of the scooter is required to be licensed.  The same rules apply to gas powered scooters as they do to electric scooters.
Such scooters are also prohibited from being operated on the sidewalks.  Only scooters powered by the human operator are permitted on the sidewalks.  It is against the law for any gas or electric powered scooter to be driven on the sidewalks.
In August 2004, Amity Township adopted an ordinance to crack down on tobacco use by people under 18, making it illegal for minors to publicly possess or use tobacco products.  Violators could be fined up to $300 


since 2 Mar. 2005
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