Medical Facilities/Doctors Offices

Immediate Medical Care (422 W) - Quick Care Emergency Services

Amity Family Practice (662)

Dietrich Medical Center (662S)

Berks Family Care (662)

Tricounty Chiropractic (422E)

Plumb Line Physical Therapy (422 W)

Reading Health Urgent Care/Internal Medicine (422 W) Home

Below are Medical Facilities/Doctors Offices that provide medical services.  The nearest hospitals are in Reading and Pottstown. The nearest lab/blood work is done in Birdsboro or Pottstown at Quest Diagnostics.  Ambulance services are provided in Amity Township by Southern Berks Regional EMS (Emergency Medical Services). There are also two pharmacies in Amity. None of the medical services are open 24 hours. does not endorse any of them, but lists them as a service to residents so they can find information to make it easy to get medical and health services locally or to support local businesses.